Point a rally (PAR) 11 scoring system

At the ESF Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam on 3 May, Members voted in favour of introducing point-a-rally (PAR) scoring to 11 for all ESF Championships and the ESF Junior Circuit. Therefore Cyprus Squash Association decided to enforce this new scoring system to all of its events.

The new scoring system was designed and promoted to bring the game further into the 21st century as an explosive and exciting game for players and spectators.

Matches will be best-of-five-game, with each game scoring point-a-rally (PAR) to 11 points, with a requirement for two clear points to win the game from 10-all.

Details of the new scoring:

  • Each game is scored up to 11 points, point-a-rally.
  • Matches are best-of-five games.
  • Rest in between games to remain as per rules (ninety seconds).
  • If the game score reaches 10-10 (ten all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game/match by two clear points. The Marker to call: "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, player to win by two clear points, 0-0 (love all)". This announcement to be made only for the first game where the score reaches 10 all. Thereafter, Marker to call from second game on, at 10-10 (ten all): "10-10 (ten all), tiebreaker, love all".
  • The Marker to then to call the score as: "1-0 game ball (or match ball)", then "1-1", then "2-1 game ball (or match ball)", then "3-1 game to ** (match to **)".
  • Service to continue as per current rules.
  • The game score is then recorded, for all purposes, as: 11-10 (3-1). All scores are recorded with 11 as the winning player's score.

Good luck and enjoy your game!