How to book a court

To reserve a court using the Online Booking service you need to have access given by NSA (Administrator).

There are two levels of access “Regular” and “Trusted”.

  • A regular user can view availability only. Such users cannot make self-service bookings (they are instead asked to contact your venue). Regular access is given to users approved by NSA i.e. Non Registered Members (Visitors).
  • A trusted user can view availability and make self-service bookings. Trusted access is granted to all registered Members holding a relative PMP.

Register to Online Court Booking Service

The Administrator will provide you access to the Online Court Booking Service. You will receive an invitation through email where you’ll need to confirm your account, created by the Administrator for this purpose.

  • Select the classic approach (Password login)
  • Setup your password

Reserve a court using the Online Court Booking Service

  • Select your preference, day and time, with a 72 hours reservation window,
  • Select Book
  • Enter your bookings details
  • You will then receive a confirmation email.

Cancel a court using the Online Court Booking Services

  • To cancel a court, select your reservation and from the drop-down menu on your right select “Cancel your Booking”.
  • Choose either “Yes do it” or “No, cancel that”