The NSA Summer Squash Ladder 2018- Rules

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We are pleased to announce NSA Summer Squash Ladder 2018 (SSL) starting July 2nd and expected to be concluded by the end of August 2018.
With main goal to provide activities during the summer, we encourage friendly competition amongst all NSA members and/or friends of the sport, seniors and juniors.

What is it?

The SSL 2018 is essentially a ranking system of all the participating members and friends of the sport. It is separated from any other internal events, so even if you don’t want to commit to these events you can still participate in the ladder and vice versa.

How does it work?

The SSL 2018 lists squash members according to the latest regional ranking, which for this case we take in to consideration the final ranking of the NSA Squash League 2017-2018/R4 and the results of the NSA Summer Squash Tournament 2017-2018. Players may move up the ladder by challenging and beating those listed above them. If you successfully challenge another member (i.e. you win), then you move up to your opponents’ position on the ladder, and your opponent will fall by one place. If you are unsuccessful (you lose), then both players stay in the same places as before.

Who can I challenge?

Players already on the ladder can only challenge others who are up to 5 places above them, and therefore can be challenged by players up to 5 places below them.

New entrants may challenge any available (not challenged) player they like and in case of a win then the new entrant will enter the Ladder by next update. In different case, the new entrant may challenge other players in lower positions.

How can I challenge a player?

A player may challenge an opponent either by sending a direct email to him and copying Nicosia Squash Association, or by sending a text message to player and NSA (99663970) as well. Upon NSA’s acknowledgement the challenge is then considered to be valid!

How long do I have to arrange and play my game?

A challenge must be played and results to be reported not later than the following Saturday of a challenge. Players may challenge more frequently if their schedule allows them to do so!

When can I play my match?

Players can make their own arrangements and book a court through our Online Booking Service, according to NSA court regulations and report their result by the deadline.

If the person challenged fails to make the match within the week then it's considered a loss.

How to reserve a court and post a score through internet?

To make a court reservation through internet you need to have access to our Online Court Booking Service.

For posting your scores you must:

• have a Google account

• visit the following link.

For assistance please contact us.

How to enter?

All members who had participated in the NSA Squash League 2017-2018/R4 and the NSA Summer Squash Tournament 2017-2018 will be included in the NSA Summer Squash Ladder 2017 starting list.

Those interested in participating and not on the staring list should submit their entry form and disclaimer. Players can join the NSA SSL at any time at a starting position suggested by NSA, on the next available ranking update (updates available every Thursday).

What is the duration?

The NSA SSL is expected to last until the end of August 2018.


Updated ranking of players will be posted latest by Sunday noon, for the new challenges to be arranged!

Rules of Play

Players are expected to have read and understood these rules and agree to abide by them if participating in this squash ladder.

1. If you are a ranked player on the ladder, you can challenge an opponent up to 5 positions above you. If you win, you take their place and everyone below that place shifts down one.

2. If you are not a ranked player on the ladder, you can still challenge a ranked player. If you win, you will join the ladder in their place and everyone below that place shifts down one. Then your name will be added on the ranking list on the next update. If you lose, you need to challenge another player but in lower positions.

3. A player must accept a challenge from a person up to 5 positions below in the ladder within a predefined period where results should be submitted, and not after the following Saturday 13:00 the challenge was made. The only exception is when a player is being re-challenged by the same player. A player after being challenged, need to get the chance to try for higher positions by making his arrangements within the following week. If no actions are made, then a re-challenge may be allowed!

4. In case of disagreement on matches arrangements the NSA will define the day and time.

5. All challenge matches shall be best-of-5 games.

6. Games are scored to 11 points, using the PAR 11 scoring system.

7. Challenger is responsible for all arrangements.

8. If you cannot make a match that you have agreed to, then you must notify your opponent at the first opportunity. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting the match. Failure to arrive at the court within 15 minutes of the agreed time will result in a forfeit of the match.

9. When a match is organized, challenger should register the match on the noticeboard and / or through email to nicosiasquash@cytanet.com.cy, for participants to know who is under a challenge.

10. Winner of the match is responsible for recording the score. You can record your score on the noticeboard, email result to nicosiasquash@cytanet.com.cy or post it to Google spreadsheet available through this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iRKldV8NEKzsmkZlKK0qJZLXFopaSxnBZ3FF0Ltvomk/edit?usp=sharing

11. Double yellow dot of any brand is the official ball of the tournament. In the case of agreement by both players in using a different kind of ball this shall be accepted.

12. Protective eye-wear is mandatory for junior players.

13. All participants are advised to own a valid Health Certificate. In different case a disclaimer is required.

14. Inactivity rule: If a player has not played any matches for a period of 2 weeks, the player is removed from the Ladder. The player may re-enter the Ladder by challenging a ranked player upon Organizer’s approval.

15. The NSA Committee will decide on matters that may arise.