Handicap Squash Tournament 2017-2018

Dear friends,

Click for the draw of the "NSA Handicap Squash Tournament 2017-2018" , matches schedule and player's handicap.

The event will take place at Eleftheria sports centre from 12 - 22 September 2016.

A few words about the event!

The Handicap Squash Tournament is played annually at the beginning of each season. This is the competition where, with our handicap system, everyone in the Association should have an equal chance of winning. It also provides a great opportunity to play against new opponents and meet other Association’s members.

Scoring system

  • All matches will be played with the PAR 15 points (point a rally system).
  • Each player begins with a handicap, according to the “handicap formula”.
  • Click for examples/instructions.

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